Lucas Wilk

I'm fundraising for Women's Legal Service

This year I will be lacing up my running shoes and climbing to the rooftop of ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street as part of River to Rooftop. I am taking the 1,040 stairs challenge to raise funds and awareness for domestic violence prevention, and the important frontline work of Women’s Legal Service.

Each year the service provides over 30,000 services to women and their kids to reach safer futures.  Please help me help them by giving whatever you can. Every dollar raised will take me one step closer to my fundraising goal – and to the rooftop! 

Thank you for joining me in stepping up against domestic violence. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lucas Wilk

My dollar for dollar match, as promised. Go team Jones Day!


Denning Chong

Go Luc


Tony Chong

Get a masseuse ready at the top floor!


Stephen Penrose

I never pictured you as a runner mate! Great work!!


Prudence Smith

I am with you in spirit - particularly in steps 800 - 900 which will no doubt be the hardest - go you good thing!


Scott Birkett


Justin Smith

Good luck Lucas! This is a great cause.


John Temple-cole

That's going to hurt! Buy some ice packs in advance. Best of luck Lucas, great cause.




Leon Magistro

Good luck LQW!


Daniel Woodhouse

Great work mate.


Maria Yiasemides

Climb Lucas, climb!


Kasia Hayes

Great cause Lucas - you'll smash it!


Darren Murphy

Go Lucas!!


Jadwiga Wilk

Go go Lukaszku go


Melanie Joyce

Donated in honour of my cousin, Kelly Wilkinson. Thanks Lucas - great cause.


Ben Mahler

Nice work, Lucas! Wear a GoPro on the way up!


Everard And Rebecca Marseglia

Good luck Lucas. I know you'll make it, but it's still an impressive undertaking. Let us know how you do. Best, Butch & Becky


Joe G.

Climb hard mate!


Michael Lyons


Katie Higgins

What a great cause Lucas!


Brett Orzel

good luck mate! I assume I get a refund if you don't get to the top :)


Adam Pomerenke


Cliff Rocke

You can only walk between floors - all stairs have to be jogged as a minimum!


Jen Chambers

Great work Lucas!


Jeremy Chenoweth


Susanah Vindedzis


James Watson

Fantastic initiative, well done Lucus!


Katie Mead

Awesome work Lucas!!


Graham Lim

Am sure you will crush it. And if you don't, U2's "Vertigo" on your playlist should do the trick ... !


Drew Broadfoot

When you’re running up the stairs, and you run out of steam before the end, just think to yourself “what would Javier Baez do?” and act accordingly.


Frank Lofaro

Good luck man! I know that you can do it!


Dale Atkinson


Daniel Illingworth

Good luck Lucas and Dougal!


Evan Sylwestrzak


Owain Stone

Ouch - lots of steps!! Great effort.


Stefan Frodsham

Go easy Lucas!


Lucas Wilk