Ingrid Costello

I'm fundraising for Women's Legal Service

This year I will be lacing up my running shoes and climbing to the rooftop of ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street as part of River to Rooftop. I am taking the 1,040 stairs challenge to raise funds and awareness for domestic violence prevention, and the important frontline work of Women’s Legal Service.

Each year the service provides over 30,000 services to women and their kids to reach safer futures.  Please help me help them by giving whatever you can. Every dollar raised will take me one step closer to my fundraising goal – and to the rooftop! 

Thank you for joining me in stepping up against domestic violence. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ralph Grey

Go Ingrid. Left foot ... right foot.. repeat x 500 many times


Schmitchell O’schmonnell


Barb Grey

Go Bingo, excellent cause ...& besides, with your big strong legs, you won't even notice it after the first 40 steps ... xx


Meg & Rich Williams

Good on you Bingo!


Tom Grey

Get it gurrrrllll!!! Have fun!


Sam Warriner

Good on you Bingo!


Caitlin Mcconnel


Angela Lewis

Go Bing!


Madeleine Costello

Buns of steel!


Sarah Lancaster

Go Bingo!


Ann Gouge

You go girl!


Jim Costello


Jeanette Beswick

Good on you. Wonderful cause.




Helen Jerrard

Go Bingo!


Ingrid Costello