Our River to Rooftop Ambassadors are incredible representatives from across the community
united by one goal - to step up against domestic violence. 

Meet our 2019 Ambassadors below!

Amber Thompson - Stair Climbing Australia

Amber started stair climbing a couple of years ago after overcoming a series of health and personal hurdles. River to Rooftop 2018 was Amber's first official stair climb and since then she continued to climb to new heights in the stairs world! A mum of four, Amber is beyond excited to be an ambassador for River to Rooftop, and combine a sport she loves with a cause she is passionate about.

"My first session of stairs was with my gym group @bootcampnoosa and it left me unable to walk for weeks! I continued training at my gym and at the stairs. They were my escape, believe me if I wasn’t at the gym I was punishing myself on the stairs I call it “my happy place”. They got me through my pain, my unhappiness, I was experiencing at the time and it also assisted me with my weight loss and it shaped me into the person I am today."

Amber is committed to helping climbers in River to Rooftop conquer their own journey - and is publishing #tiptuesday across all of our social media! Keep an eye out for amber or follow her instagram @theislanditinerary to stay in the loop. 

Jo Cuizon - Brisbane Social Run Club

Jo participated in the first ever River to Rooftop event last year in 2018. This year, Jo is back and is proud to lead the Brisbane Social Run Club team as they step up against domestic violence! 

Brisbane Social Run Club is focussed on two things - community and exercising to feel good, no matter your fitness level!

OUR RUNS // We meet at a new start/meet point each month and run along different 5km circuits at a ‘JOGGING’ pace! (If we can’t chat & run, we slow down) 

OUR CULTURE // After each run we check out a cafe or food spot local to the circuit location to hang out and refuel. Jogging around Brisbane with friends is way better than running alone on a treadmill!!

Learn more about Brisbane Social Run Club through Facebook, Instagram - @BrisbaneSocialRunClub

Sophie Howe - Bauer Media Australia

Sophie is a Beauty Editor at beautyheaven and is also a regular beauty contributor and presenter on Network 10’s morning talk show Studio 10.

As a beauty expert and with a background as a professional makeup artist, Sophie is always armed with makeup tips, beauty hacks and insider knowledge on the most common beauty problems (and how to resolve them) for women of all ages. She believes that although true beauty comes from within – the right shade of lipstick can instantly boost your confidence.

With 1 in 3 women experiencing violence in their lifetime, Sophie is proud to be stepping up against domestic violence as part of River to Rooftop.