Our River to Rooftop Ambassadors are incredible representatives from across the community
united by one goal - to step up against domestic violence. 

Meet our 2021 Ambassadors below!

Amber Thompson - Stair Climbing Australia

Amber started stair climbing a couple of years ago after overcoming a series of health and personal hurdles. River to Rooftop 2018 was Amber's first official stair climb and since then she continued to climb to new heights in the stairs world! A mum of four, Amber is beyond excited to be an ambassador for River to Rooftop, and combine a sport she loves with a cause she is passionate about.

"My first session of stairs was with my gym group @bootcampnoosa and it left me unable to walk for weeks! I continued training at my gym and at the stairs. They were my escape, believe me if I wasn’t at the gym I was punishing myself on the stairs I call it “my happy place”. They got me through my pain, my unhappiness, I was experiencing at the time and it also assisted me with my weight loss and it shaped me into the person I am today."

Amber is committed to helping climbers in River to Rooftop conquer their own journey. Keep an eye out for amber or follow her instagram @theislanditinerary to stay in the loop!

Tony Auden - 7NEWS

Tony Auden presents the weather for 7NEWS in Queensland.


He’s been fascinated with weather since he was a kid.


Tony worked at the Bureau of Meteorology as a forecaster for 10 years specialising in severe weather, even naming a number of tropical cyclones in the process.


He made the move to 7NEWS in 2013 and has loved talking about his passion on air since.


In his spare time, Tony loves spending time with his wife, Alicia, walking his two pug dogs, playing golf, surfing, and being active any way he can including running River to Rooftop! 

Jo Cuizon - Brisbane Social Run Club

Jo participated in the first ever River to Rooftop event in 2018 and came on board as an Ambassador for the first time in 2019.  This year, Jo is back and is proud to lead the Brisbane Social Run Club team as they step up against domestic violence! 

Brisbane Social Run Club is focussed on two things - community and exercising to feel good, no matter your fitness level!

OUR RUNS // We meet at a new start/meet point each month and run along different 5km circuits at a ‘JOGGING’ pace! (If we can’t chat & run, we slow down) 

OUR CULTURE // After each run we check out a cafe or food spot local to the circuit location to hang out and refuel. Jogging around Brisbane with friends is way better than running alone on a treadmill!!

Juanita Anable

During the working week I am an assistant centre manager and educational leader at a Brisbane childcare centre. On weekends and afterhours I am a dedicated ParkRun'er and can be found hitting the local gym sweating it out daily. Exercise is so important for daily mental health and wellbeing! 

After many years of hiking I came across Stair Climbing Australia and met so many great people. This has encouraged me to participate in my very first River to Rooftop and support a wonderful charity like Women's Legal Service Queensland. In doing so, this will assist in providing free legal and welfare help to women and their kids impacted by domestic violence.

I participated in my first stair climb earlier this year at the Q1 on the Gold Coast and loved it, so I cant wait to hit those stairs!

As a survivor of Domestic Violence and a single mother of four, this is a cause close to mine and my families heart. I know the path these women walk all too often and by raising awareness of this amazing service and what assistance they can and do provide it may just save some heartache for families.